Sarah Rasines is a sound and visual artist who combines artistic creation with research at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country, where she also belonged to a research group called Ikersoinu Research Group (“Sound research and artistic space: new technical and conceptual tools for creation”). Her field of work is related to temporal processes and experimental media.

In 2018, she created Crystal Mine to promote the exchange of music under the philosophy of #anticopyright. This independent label, based in the city of Burgos, aims to release music on cassette, mainly; to showcase fresh and risky projects based on experimentation. The project’s purpose is the do-it-yourself DIY edition or self-edition and self-management of cassettes of national and international artists and, on the other hand, the informative role of the radio program she has on Radio Relativa, in Madrid, and at the same time, positioning Burgos on the cultural map.

In her workshops, you do the whole process of editing a cassette, from the cover design or artwork, to the recordings that will go inside or sound design. They are very complete workshops in which creativity is worked on from different perspectives, and from what the artist has experienced… people love it! As Sarah defends, “it is essential to help form a creative fabric by fostering artistic sensibilities from an early age”.

The workshops also allow to work both around the concept of sound art and the recognition of the environment in which we live, often the subject is the city precisely, and drawing is an indispensable tool to shape and convey ideas.

In this framework, Burgos stands up as a very interesting city, not usually regarded as an artistic hub, which may be advantageous, since it allows you to explore, investigate and test different issues around culture with new eyes.

Link to Game of TRACES

Since the beginning of time, history has been told by men. What if the script were flipped, and we could experience places following the lives of women? This is exactly what you can do in Burgos! Explore the city’s past learning about female historical figures, and enjoy the vibrant culture of today, meeting women entrepreneurs and living the city through their eyes. #CultourIsCapital

Audiocassette Workshop in the Contemporary Art Museum

If you love art and unique experiences, make sure you book a cassette workshop in the CAB – Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos, a contemporary art museum in the city centre.

The workshop is led by artist Sarah Rasines, who works mainly with sounds. The aim is discovering the city through sounds, and recording them on a cassette.

You’ll start by creating the cassette artwork – if you think OMG! I cannot draw, I’ll leave you with the answer Sarah gave me. Once you put pencil to paper, you’re already drawing!

Then, you’ll be invited to close your eyes and listen the soundscape surrounding you. Sarah said it’s amazing what people notice, when visual distractions are taken away. All these sounds will be recorded and mixed into a cassette, your personal work of sound art and a fantastic souvenir to take home!

Link to The Crowded Planet

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